I Caught My Stepmom Cheating – Part 5: Homecoming

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Part 5 – Homecoming

That last night away at college was wild. We threw a rager that went on all night. One last party before the summer. A lot of fun, tons of drinking, but boy I felt it the next morning. I was dreading having to pack up my shit and load into my car. I slept most of the day trying to recover.

I finally got around to packing up in the late afternoon. I was starving and got a bite on my way out of town, and headed back home. I was driving back to spend the summer at the house shared by my father, and stepmother. Back to the home I grew up in.

On my drive back I thought of all the fun we could have this summer. What new games we could play, she and I? How far was she willing to let things go? One thing was sure. I was gonna to find out.

I got in fairly late. Around midnight. The house was dark and quiet. I was careful not to make too much noise as I went upstairs. Still half recovering from the night before, I needed a good night sleep. I needed some rest.

I got into bed and laid on my back. I stared at the ceiling and I thought about my stepmother. Something she had said. Something she had called me the last time we spoke..

She had called me Sir. Goddamn I couldn't believe that. Where did that come from? What possessed her to do that? I hadn’t even asked her to say it. That got me so hot.

Was she trying to flip things around? Was she trying to get inside my head?

Inside my head she was, even if I did still have the upper hand. Her beauty, her body, her submissiveness, her willingness to just follow along. I needed to make sure that I maintained my control. But she was deep in my thoughts, night and day.

I drifted off to sleep, thinking of her. Falling into a deep, deep sleep.

At some point that night I was awoken, in the wee hours. At first confused of where I was. I was aroused. I felt movement below. I looked down and there she was. She had come to me in the middle of the night. My stepmother.

She had pulled my covers off, my half erect cock pulled out of the opening in my boxers. She had it in her hand. Gripping it, looking at it, admiring it. She was hungry. As my blood rushed to fill it, I swelled.

I was groggy, half asleep. As she gently tugged, getting me almost fully erect. She was kissing it, tiny pecks, she was worshiping. She never looked up, fully transfixed on my member. I gazed up at the ceiling while she did her magic.

She pulled my boxers down to my ankles, completely removing them, she tossed them to the floor.

I felt her shift. I felt her tongue on my taint. It sent shivers up my body. She licked all over my balls. She held my cock up with her hand, now fully erect. This lifted my balls to give her access, as she licked up and down my scrotum, and sucked on each one.

Ploop, ploop, the sound as she sucked on each testicle and then pulled each one out of her mouth. My sack completely wet and dripping before she moved to my cock.

She licked up and down the shaft before she ever put it in her mouth. She licked every square inch. Got it completely wet. The entirety of my manhood, both cock and balls now wet with her saliva.

She had me on edge, floating in pleasure as she prepared to devour me.

She sucked on the tip, she licked around the contour of the ridge of my swollen cock head. I had to look down. I needed a mental image.

There in the moonlight, the blue moonlight slipping through my window. I watched as my stepmother start to suck on my cock. Wearing a silky evening dress. Nothing too scandalous, but still very sensual. She looked like a lady. Her long hair brushing against my thighs as she swallowed me. Such an arousing sight, seeing a beautiful dignified lady, acting in such depravity.

She looked hungry and desperate for the smell and the taste of a man. I was that man, and she was feasting on me to fill that void.

This was the best I had ever had. The best any woman had ever given me. She was able to go deep, and her technique was flawless. Keeping my on edge her timing was impeccable as she alternated her sucking, and pulling out to lick, before putting it back in.

She drooled all over it. The sloppiest head I have ever received. She slobbered all over, I was completely coated. She would lift her head off of it and long streams of drool would run from her mouth down to my cock. She would suspend her head until the strings of drool would snap free from her lips and fall back down with a splatter.

Such a dirty cocksucking whore she was.

I was ready to explode. I think she sensed it, or maybe she tasted some precum. Whatever it was she started bobbing up and fucking my cock with her mouth. Fast and hard, I felt her mouth tighten around my shaft, enticing me.

I felt her licking the underside of my shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth. She went deep, completely deepthroated my cock and held it there. A few more repetitions of these deepthroats where she held me for long seconds at a time, and I was ready to erupt.

I exploded into her mouth. Her sucking rhythm changed as soon as she felt my cum hit the back of her throat. Her lips tightened and she bobbed her head up and down faster to coax out every ounce of my semen. She sucked and she slurped as she extracted the spunk out of my tip.

She swallowed it down and anything that spilled out around my cock she licked up. Every last drop.

What a sweet little cumslut she was for me that night.

I laid there completely content, my body relaxed, fully satisfied. I looked up at the ceiling, and shadows cast by my moonlit room. I felt her nestle her head down on my tummy, my deflating cock still in her face. She made the cutest little cough as she cleared the last little bit of cum in the back of her throat.

She laid there with me, my stepmother. We snuggled. I brushed through her soft hair as she laid below. My thoughts of us running through my mind. I hadn’t even asked her to do this. Or ordered her to. She came to me on her own.

Why would she do this? What did this mean? Was she playing a game? Was she trying to gain control over me? Who’s controlling who now?

So many unanswered questions.

I drifted of to sleep, a deep, deep sleep.

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